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While summer is peak season for thunderstorms and lightning, storms can strike any time year-round. And, each flash of lightning carries the potential for injury and property damage. If storms are predicted before you leave the house, unplug televisions, computers and any other high-value electronics. Surge protectors are good to plug your electronics in to help protect from any power surge.

Your home’s best protection against a lightning strike is a lightning protection system; contact your electrician to find out how to ground your wiring in the house. 
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Gorham Insurance offers a full range of personal, business and financial insurance products. This means we can insure your home, your autos, business or personal, workers compensation, life insurance, business property and liability Insurance, personal and commercial umbrella insurance, mortgages and investments. You have plenty of things to think about without adding insurance to the list. Gorham Insurance can help handle your business and/or personal insurance needs so you can put more energy into other things. Our agents and customer service professionals will make finding insurance for you an easy, stress-free experience.

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If you are in the market for auto, home, or business insurance, Gorham Insurance is here to serve you. We can help you find coverage for all your insurance needs.

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Our Agency strongly believes that the key to happy clients is to learn everything we can about you. Tell us your needs. Our friendly agents will take the time to listen and will work with you to develop a plan that you're satisfied with.

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Once we understand your unique needs, we will get to work forming a unique and affordable protection plan that won’t break the bank. Any agent can offer insurance quotes. For us, it’s more than that.